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My dear TEFL Fraternity,

On the 1st of August, we are lifting the curtains off the brand-new MyTEFLJobs.com. Fully redesigned from the ground up to bring you a world-class TEFL recruitment experience.

Passionately built with your needs in mind, we are bringing the latest recruitment tools and technologies to the world of TEFL recruitment to make the process a breeze. TEFL job candidates finally have a world-class site to meet their aspirations.

We have done extensive research with TEFL recruiters around the world and have incorporated cutting-edge features that would bring efficiency and ease to the recruitment process. And guess what? Recruiters, You are going to be very glad to know that we are giving away over $100,000 in credits for you to be part of this exciting journey! Click here to learn more and sign up

It is our promise to become your champion and we will work everyday to make your TEFL Jobs journey an amazing one.


Swami Founder & CEO, MyTEFLJobs.com Online Recruiters Inc Delaware, USA

Top Five features

Qualified Candidates

MyTEFLJobs.com is the new home for qualified TEFL candidates from around the world. You can find both pre-qualified and open candidates in our site which is unique.

Intelligent ATS

Our intelligent Applicant Tracking System is specifically designed to identify, connect and recruit top TEFL talent and provides a super simple interface to manage your recruitment. Now you are in control!

Live Video Interview

Instantly connect with recruiters and/or candidates via secure video conference that allows for cross platform video calls for screening and interviews.

Fully Mobile

You will never lose an opportunity to find the right job or candidate when you have the power of MyTEFLJobs.com on your hands. Yes, our platform is fully mobile!

Global Reach

We bring together candidates from key native English speaking countries as well as those who are currently located around the world. For candidates, they will never have to miss out on a new opportunity near and afar and for recruiters, we are all you need to find your next recruit.

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